Mission Statement

The EMC community strives to be strong contributors and influencers to the floral industry world-wide. European Master Certification (EMC) is an international education pathway, whose vision is to provide a solid foundation for floral designers to thrive creatively.


This program has taught me a great deal about the fundamentals of European design, by introducing me to a whole new fresh approach to design.  You learn the reasons why you create your arrangement and how to explain and articulate it to others.

GREG LUM , AIFD,CFD,EMC Cycle 1 Graduate

The training is intense, demanding, inspiring and stimulating. I have gained extensive knowledge and a strong technical foundation that allows me to fully express my creativity. My thinking before each realisation is more successful, and my work is even more efficient. But what this training primarily represent to me is a family, the EMC family. People around the world who share the same passion for floral design, people who support and help each other and collaborate. And what an honour to have Tomas de Bruyne and Hitomi Gilliam as masters, both extremely talented and innovative. They encourage us, guide us and push us beyond our limits.

Nadine Michelle , EMC Cycle 3 Graduate
The European Masters Certification Program is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had the privilege to be a part of. Instructor Tomas De Bruyne, and facilitator Hitomi Gilliam AIFD are both world leaders in their field. Their combined in-depth knowledge and experience in the floral industry paired with their passion and creativity make them the perfect pair to offer this amazing course.! Whether you are a novice, or experienced designer, I can highly recommend the EMC course of study. You will find yourself challenged, and gain the knowledge and confidence needed to put you a step beyond your peers.! The course of study was definitely the experience of a lifetime, and I am honored to have been a part. The knowledge that I was able to gain, as well as the comradery of other individuals and classmates has not only helped me professionally, but personally as well. I have made new friends and family that I will forever cherish. My horizons have been broadened, and for that, I am grateful.
BRIAN COOVERT, EMC Cycle 2 Graduate

EMC has been an incredible journey for me and it’s one that continues to challenge and inspire me. It’s an exciting adventure and a discovery in a world of flowers around the globe. The knowledge I have gained during the program has created a pathway to so much more. EMC has created a platform to learn more about and develop European design. Today, I exercise what I have learned through many EMC+ programs, workshops and the connections I have made with so many like-minded designers. Not only I have honed and improved my skills, but I have also met so many incredible designers from so many far away places, which have lead to new and fond friendships, fabulous work ventures and fun experiences.

Ania Norwood AIFD EMC, EMC Alumni

The European Master’s Program has been responsible for changing every aspect of how I relate to the floral industry.  The theory and practical applications I learned during the program has elevated my floral design beyond what I though was imaginable.  How I now see a single flower stem from how it grows in nature to how each part of the flower can be transformed in a floral design is due entirely to what I have learned from this program.  Also, Tomas De Bruyne and Hitomi Gilliam have invested so much of themselves into creating a professional program based on quality and the highest expectations that anyone taking this class is so passionately inspired by their example to continue to learn more and more about European design.   Also, the colleagues I have met on this journey have become not only friends but family.  The European Master’s Program has been the beginning of my floral journey which has opened me up to seeing what wonderful things lay ahead in the amazing design world of floral art!

Julia Marie P Schmitt, AIFD, CFD, ICPF, EMC Cycle 2 Graduate

Floral design is a unique profession to take on in the States, and not viewed as prestigious as in other areas of the word. This is the profession that has chosen me and I embrace it with all of my being. Constantly looking to study practice and learn every day, I happened upon EMC. Earning other accreditations, I can say truthfully this has been the hardest and most demanding curriculum I have studied. Skill, understanding and continual growth are expected. It pushes you. I know that my appreciation for European style has become an everyday thought throughout my designs and made me a better artist.

Jenny Thomasson , AIFD PFCI CFD Cycle 3 Graduate

The European Master Certification Program instructed by Tomas De Bruyne and assisted by Hitomi Gilliam AIFD was a rewarding yet challenging endeavor that tested my commitment to learning; but, also strengthened my design skills and knowledge. Both Tomas and Hitomi are incredible floral artists who are giving of their talent and time to ensure all the EMC students build confidence and knowledge so their personal design styles can develop. Through the EMC program, my appreciation and passion for the expression of emotion, through the beauty of flowers, will forever be enlightened.


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