Your Knowledge. Your Success. Our Passion

//Your Knowledge. Your Success. Our Passion

Your Knowledge. Your Success. Our Passion

Your Knowledge. Your Success. Our  Passion.  These words to some might seem just a motto, a logo, a nice sentiment.  But as EMC has grown and evolved, these 6 little words are very prophetic.  Eight years ago when Tomas De Bruyne and Hitomi Gilliam AIFD started the European Master Certification Program, it was fulfilling a need in North America.  EMC provided an opportunity to florist craving the European Design Process an avenue to learn the craftsmanship and floral education offered in Europe. Almost a decade later, the graduates and students are now shining brightly in the international floral industry.

Recently, EMC was well represented in the Farewell issue of Flowers& July 2018 Design Contest.  EMC Student Lea Romanoswki AIFD, CAFA took first price while EMC Alumni Keith Stanley EMC (Class of 2016) and Greg Lum AIFD, CFD, EMC (Class of 2012) received honorable mentions.

At America’s Cup, two members of the EMC Family, Jorge Uribe AIFD, CFD (EMC Student) and Greg Lum were among 10 competitors vying to represent the United States in the 2019 FTD Interflora Fleurop World Cup.  The Gateway to America’s Cup saw Class of 2016 Alumni Jenny Thomasson AIFD, CFD, PCFI, EMC, place second with many members of the EMC family competing and assisting.

Artistic floral designs from EMC students and graduates are now being published regularly in Floral Magazines around the world like recent EMC Graduate Orit Hertz EMC (Class of 2018) couture designs in the July Issue of Florist Review Magazine.   And, the EMC Motto was created by EMC Alumni Aniko Kovacs AIFD, CFD, EMC (Class of 2012) many years ago. In short, the seeds of knowledge are sprouting. Truly, EMC’s Passion is watching the students’ knowledge learned through the European Process bloom into their success!

Jenny Thomasson AIFD

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