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A few years ago and naïve to the ways of the European Design process, I spent 10 months of my life navigating through the EMC Program.  I arrived at Part I being conducted in Vancouver, Canada not knowing a soul.  By the end of the first week, my head was spinning with floral terms and I had made floral friends who are still today members of my floral family.  Then Part II began.  It was back to being a solitary floral island except for a few individuals I knew from Part I.  Traveling down the path of Part II: Self Practicum, I began to ‘know’ other EMC students through the power of Facebook.  We shared a common bond of struggling with assignments, of meeting deadlines and with trying to find resource material for the nomenclature assignment.  Back in those good ole days, we had an assignment due every two weeks and there was a not collection of nomenclature books to share as the past few cycles have enjoyed.

We prepared for Part III.  What happened during Part III can’t be fully expressed through words.  Part III was finally when the EMC theory and practical aspects ‘clicked’.  We were living the European Experience for one quick week in Brugge.  We felt like residents not tourist.  We shared meals, laughs, cries and companionship.  For one brief moment, life seemed perfect.  But, then the harsh truth of returning to, need I say, reality hit.  Saying Good Bye to family and a new found home was filled with tears of joy for all we accomplished and shared and sadness for having to be apart from those who were now truly Family.  At that moment, and I can honestly say these emotions and memories are still as fresh and raw as if it were yesterday, all I wanted was to be with my EMC friends and somehow stay in contact with those who had shared my journey.

EMC Cycle 2 (Class of 2014) enjoying Part II in Paris, France.


I know my story is not unique.  It is a common one shared with all who have chosen to earn his or her European Master Certification.  Fortunately for all who have graduated and the present EMC Students, EMC now has a means to keep everyone in close contact.  After 8 years of EMC programs, presentations, Trend summits, EMC+ Experiences, 4 graduating classes and much, much more, EMC is excited to announce the launch of its monthly Newsletter EXPRESSIONS.  This communication avenue will keep the EMC Family and Community united and informed as never before.  We hope you enjoy receiving news, personal stories, tricks and tips, and information about graduates and students.  We especially hope that you will continue to live the EMC dream with your EMC Family.

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