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E=MC+: That Extra that IS EMC

Blog by Julia Marie Schmitt AIFD, CFD, ICPF, EMC

I have been asked by many florist and layman alike why EMC?  There are many answers to that question – education, knowledge, opening oneself to new possibilities, collaborations, and friendship.

Brian Coovert EMC (Cycle 2), Beata Kaas EMC (Cycle 2), Jennifer Baker EMC (Cycle 3), Ania Norwood AIFD, EMC (Cycle 1), and Aniko Kovacs AIFD, EMC (Cycle 1) At Art in Bloom, Columbus Ohio Museum of Art 2018


But what is that ‘something extra special,’ that ‘IT factor’, which organically grows from the common ground of being in the trenches of an intense, year-long course changing you beyond your wildest expectations?  In a few words, it is a sense of floral family.  I, and I believe I can speak for most EMC Graduates and Students alike, can testify to this fact being true.  For most of us, we were Floral Islands who stumbled across EMC.  Thanks to our passion for European Design and our hunger for floral knowledge, we signed up for one of the hardest yet most rewarding years of our lives.  But what happened during this year and especially during Part III in Brugge, Belgium was the creation of a bond like no other.  We became family.


Agna Maertens EMC (Cycle 3) with Rosella Mandau EMC (Cycle 4 student), Diana Toma Teatru Verde EMC (Cycle 4), Tuba Belgin Oskan EMC (Cycle 4), Orit Hertz EMC (Cycle 4), Alina Nagy-Ghinea (Cycle 4) At Timfloralis 2018 in Romania.


This didn’t happen once during Cycle 1, or Twice during Cycle 2, or Three times with Cycle 3.  It is happening again now during Cycle 4 with the new graduates and the soon to be new Alumni in September of this year.  It is a phenomenon that keeps reoccurring.  What we continue to witness is that unexplainable, intangible element of true friendship.  Who is it we call when we have a practical design problem?  Who do we invite to assist us when we have a big project? Who is it there for us when we stumble and fall and helps pick us up?  Or who do we hang out with just because we can?  It is our EMC family.

Ella Fodor, Anca Ungureanu and Regine Motmans: Not only friends for life through EMC but also the team that makes it possible to have a Fleuramour like this last edition in Val Saint Lambert! Fleuramour, Crystal and flowers, it’s crystal clear : Topteam! 😊

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EMC Graduates designing for Miss Chinatown USA Fashion Show in San Francisco 2018, Greg Lum AIFD, EMC (Cycle 1), Cheryl McGuire AIFD, EMC (Cycle 3), Lily Chan AIFD, EMC (Cycle 3), Constance Oakson AIFD, EMC (Cycle 3) and Emma Soloveychik EMC, CCF (Cycle 3).

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