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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Have a question about the EMC Program? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below! If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to us at We will be more than happy to help you with any inquiries!

From 8 to 12 months depending on the Part I dates you select.

We require EMC student to have had at least a basic design course, or minimum of 6 months’ work in floristry.  If no experience, we recommend taking the EMC Technique Course in advance.

No, but you have a choice of where you want to take the course while visiting some desirable locations.

Your responsibility to complete Part II:

  • 7 practical skill assignments
  • Nomenclature Project

The 250 entry Nomenclature project will require a careful management of time to complete. The hands-on design skills will need practice to prepare for entry into Part III.

You may postpone the completion to the following cycle.

EMC support team is willing to help to make sure you meet the standard to complete PART II. As long as all assignments and projects are completed, you can plan to continue on to PART III.

Absolutely. Half of the mark is taken off for misspelled names.

You will have opportunities to re-test at scheduled location closer to home, upon your request a maximum of 3 times.

A Certificate of Completion is provided after each Part I, II & III. The Core Program European Masters Certification is presented after successfully completing the final examination.

PART I: €800.00 deposit required to hold your space.

Part II: Payment in full due at sign-up.

Part III: €800.00 deposit required to hold your space.

In some instances, we can provide a payment plan. Please email for more information.

All payments are non-refundable, but are transferable to future cycles.

You will be surprised how distinctly different the European approach to Elements and Principles of Design. Due to the fundamental nature of what is taught in the EMC Part I, no one is excused from any part of the program no matter what your previous floral educational level might be.

Yes, there is a full EMC support team including personal mentors who you can communicate with to get extra help. Also, in PART II, there are opportunities to ask as many questions as you want within our online community as you would do normally in any classroom situation.

Photography is permitted during any part of the EMC program. Video-taping is not allowed.

We provide a reference/work book which covers the complete content of study for EMC Core as well as EMC Techniques.

It is advised that the family join you towards the completion of the program when you are no longer pre-occupied by the workload and study schedule.

EMC Core is not a workshop. It is an educational program which gives you an insight to the creative floral design process.

Yes. We have our EMC Techniques and EMC+ Educational Experiences.

EMC Core vs. EMC Technique

EMC Core is focused on craftsmanship and the creative process. In order to apply the knowledge, one must first learn the theory. These building blocks offer the students the ability to boost their creativity and discover their signature design style. EMC graduates have made their mark on the floral industry worldwide and are emerging leaders in the Floral Art World.

The EMC Technique Course is focused on developing the hand skills a floral designer needs in order to be a confident designer. The course focuses heavily on the practical hand skills of design. These acquired techniques equip the floral designers with the ability to execute designs that highlight craftsmanship and skill. This 3 Day Course is taught within the terminology of EMC and by an EMC Teaching Assistant.