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EMC Technique Courses

To meet the needs of the EMC Family as it continues to grow, beginning in Cycle 5, EMC is excited to announce the addition of a Techniques Workshop. This course will be a supplement to the curriculum offered in the EMC Core Program Part I – Part III. The 3-day workshop is open to students, graduates and anyone interested in enhancing their floral knowledge. They will learn 50 plus techniques to enhance their floral skills, elevate their floral designing, and increase their creativity. The EMC Techniques Course will be taught with European terminology. As it is open to students and graduates, It is a means to apply the essential theoretical knowledge acquired in EMC Core Program.

EMC Techniques is a 3 Day program taught by the EMC Teaching Assistant. For available EMC Techniques Courses, check our Events Page and find one near you! Are you interested in having an EMC Techniques Course in your area? Contact us at info@emcprogram.com to find out how you can bring this course to your country.