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What is EMC?


It is an internationally-acclaimed educational curriculum founded by Tomas De Bruyne and Hitomi Gilliam AIFD.

Our program is comprised of EMC Core Program and EMC Technique Workshop; as well as EMC+ Educational Experiences.

How do we achieve this?

European Master Certification program will expose student designers to a multitude of creative opportunities to use flowers the European way. They will be introduced to new design styles, shapes, color combinations, techniques, new materials, and new creative ways of using those materials. EMC program will teach students to look at flowers closely to discover the differences in their personalities, emotions, and possibilities – and learn to use them at their full potential.

Today, and even more in the future, EMC believes in working towards sustainable floristry and staying in synch with today’s lifestyle concerns.

Emotion and Functionality (PART III Advanced) need to be combined with good skills and knowledge of our products (PART I Foundation) to be competitive in our field. The more qualified and educated the florist becomes, the better he/she is able to become a trend leader in their community.