Have a question about the EMC Program? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below! If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to visit the EMCforums Discussion Board where one of our EMC Team Members will be more than happy to help you with any inquiries!

How long does it take to complete the EMC certification program?

EMC 2015/16 CYCLE, EMC Mexico starts their program this May – so their program runs 16 months.
In North America, both EMC West Coast (in San Francisco) and East Coast (in Norwalk, CT), the program completes in 11 months.

How experienced in floral design should I be to start EMC?

We require EMC student to have had at least a basic design course, or minimum of 6 months work in floristry.

Do I have to take EMC PART I in multiple locations?

No. You are required to take EMC I only once at the most convenient location for you.

What kind of commitment will EMC PART II require?

We suggest practical skills learned in PART I should be practiced as often as possible so that you become proficient for testing. Also, in order for you to complete your nomenclature project consisting of 250 entries, in a timely manner, we suggest that you completed one entry per day. Moreover, 8 practical and theoretical assignments will be required and must be completed by the posted deadlines.

What happens if I start the program but cannot finish within the same cycle?

You may postpone the completion to one of the following cycles.

What happens if I don’t meet the standards for PART II? Do I still go on to PART III?

EMC support team is willing to help to make sure you meet the standard to complete PART II. As long as all assignments and projects are completed, you can plan to continue on to PART III.

What happens if I start and decide that the program is not the right fit for me?

You may terminate the program at any time, but you will always have credit for the parts you have completed in case you decide to continue on with the program at a later date. We encourage and advise you to attend an orientation session if there are any doubts to whether to participate in the EMC program.

Do I have to know how to spell the nomenclature for the exam?

Absolutely. Half of the mark is taken off for misspelled names.

What happens if I don’t pass the final exam?

You will have opportunities to re-test at scheduled location closer to home, upon your request.

Is there an installment plan to pay for the tuition?

For PART I, we provide the option to save your spot with $600.00 deposit. And then $200.00/month payment plan for following 6 months.
For PART II – a full payment of 800 EURO is required
For PART III, the tuition is paid in euros (3200 EURO). We can arrange a payment plan upon request.

What happens if I make a deposit but have a dire emergency that prevents me from attending?

All deposits are non-refundable, but it can be applied toward the next cycle.

I know all the Elements and Principles of Design already. Do I need to still take PART I?

You will be surprised how distinctly different the European approach to Elements and Principles of Design is in comparison to the American way. Due to the fundamental nature of the Elements and Principles of the EMC program, no one can be excused from any part of the program no matter what your previous floral educational level achieved.

I want to sign up for the full program. What is the next step?

Register in full for EMC PART I, PART II, and PART III online at www.emcprogram.com

Are there any extra support for EMC students during the program?

Yes, there is an EMC support team who you can communicate with to get extra help. Also in PART II, there’s opportunities to ask as many questions as you want online on EMC Facebook page as you would do normally in any classroom situations.

Can I take photos or videos during class?

Photography is permitted during any part of the EMC program. Video-taping is not allowed.

Does EMC provide the curriculum in a textbook format?

We provide 2 Life3 Step-by-Step books as inspiration for EMC PART I. The full curriculum, part-by-part, is provided in a notebook format. Note-taking is highly encouraged since personal written notes best trigger learning which is suitable to you.

Is it appropriate for my family to come with me to Bruges?

It is advised that the family join you towards the completion of the program when you are no longer pre-occupied by the workload and study schedule.