It is an internationally-acclaimed program jointly run by partners, Tomas De Bruyne and Hitomi Gilliam AIFD. This comprehensive European curriculum is taught by Tomas, and complemented and facilitated by Hitomi. EMC is a very practical-oriented, accelerated course focusing on all required fundamental skills and creativity required in the European flower business.

How do we achieve this?

European Master Certification program will expose student designers to a multitude of creative opportunities to use flowers the European way. They will be introduced to new design styles, shapes, colour combinations, techniques, new materials, and new creative ways of using those materials. EMC program will teach students to look at flowers closely to discover the differences in their personalities, emotions, and possibilities – and learn to use them at their full potential.

Today, and even more in the future, alternative materials to foam are being explored for aesthetic/creative as well as environmental reasons. EMC believe in working towards sustainable floristry and staying in synch with today’s lifestyle concerns.

Emotion and Functionality (PART III Advanced) need to be combined with good skills and knowledge of our products (PART I Foundation) to be competitive in our field. The more qualified and educated the florist becomes, the better he/she is able to become a trend leader in their community.

Why are there 3 Parts?

We know that an effective certification program takes months of class time to complete. EMC makes it possible to accomplish this in a carefully planned 3 PART SYSTEM.


Part I teaches all the basic skills, techniques, and theory required in the European Design teaching system in a very accelerated, yet comprehensive format. This 5-Day class is offered at various locations around the world.


Part II is a self-study segment of this program spanning over 6-8 months depending on the Part I dates. It is a practical segue of at-home study which helps you master and refine the skills and techniques learned in Part I. Schedule of skill practice as assignments and study list of floral nomenclature are given as required learning to prepare and submit before proceeding to Part III.


Part III is where passion and emotion brings on creativity. This module teaches advanced application of good skills, knowledge, and functionality and presenting it artfully. It is followed by a Final Examination which determines the outcome of the certification process for each student. 5 Days of class plus 1 Day of examination is completed in Bruges, Belgium.