EMC Trend Summit 2016 Recap – SHOWTIME!

EMC Trend Summit 2016 Recap – SHOWTIME!

After 2 days of talking trends and learning how to market them to our customers, our brains were buzzing with information and inspiration that we were eager to share with the 150 or so colleagues who packed into Kirby Signature Floral Supply for the show. The atmosphere was electric as the crowd took in the stunning displays from our sponsors and had their first look at the workshop trend projects displayed at the back of the room.

The show began with Tomas and Hitomi sharing three major European trends for 2016. The first one is called CLEAN – geared towards consumers who love a clutter-free, muted, back-to-basics aesthetic. The simplicity and subtle femininity of the palette create an airy and refined feel. Clean consists of light pastels that are soft but refined, controlled yet playful, minimal with a focus on quality.

The second trend is called GARDEN – with our busy lives and long work hours, many of us are yearning for more connection to nature. This trend focuses on ways to bring more “green” into the home, whether that means large bay windows, outdoor rooms, indoor gardens, or just taking down time to walk in the woods. The cool green-blue palette has hits of warm oranges to add that pop of colour we look for outside in gardens, leaves, etc.

Last but certainly not least, BREW is possibly the most adaptable of the trends. The natural, neutral palette reflects our desire to unplug from the busyness of our lives and seek quiet, peaceful time to refresh. It stresses experiences rather than expenses, artisanal over main stream, hand crafted not mass produced. The new buzzword JOMO has replaced FOMO – the “Fear of Missing out”; keeping up with Jonses, having the latest and greatest, has been replaced with the “Joy of Missing Out”; embracing the slow movements in food, crafts and flowers, taking time to put down our phones and talk face-to-face, and appreciating the blessings we have rather than focusing on the “stuff” advertisers insist we need.

The EMC leadership team took turns presenting designs based on these trends to demonstrate their versatility, since trends result from combinations of the broader categories “Modern”, “Classic”, “Colourful”, and “Natural”. It is important to understand what your customers are looking for to be able to adapt the trends to their lifestyles. Because the team spans a wide range of the floral industry, from high-end events, retail florists, wedding specialists, and teachers, we demonstrated ways to answer several important questions: how can we implement trends to be profitable in our business? Who are our clients and what are their philosophies? How can we use trends to enhance our creativity and inspire our clients?

The trends and designs presents during the show were very well received by the audience, who left with fresh ideas to bring back to their respective businesses and present to their clients. The shared enthusiasm and vision of our colleagues is vital to growing our industry and staying fresh in our designs, resulting in more success and profit for us all. That is, after all, why we are in business!

A big thank you goes out to Kirby Signature Floral Inc. and the rest of our sponsors, without whom this fabulous event would not have been possible!!



Andrea Strachan EMC

Andrea is a 2012 Graduate of the EMC Program and an EMC Team Member. After many years in the culinary arts, Andrea began studying floristry with Hitomi Gilliam and Design358 in 2010. She was a part Tomas De Bruyne's design team for AIFD Symposium in 2013. She currently works a Brown's The Florist in Victoria, BC, Canada.

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