EMC+ Trend Summit 2016 Recap – Day 2

On day 2 we were treated to a session with Eleanor Clevenger from David Austin Roses. She gave us valuable information about the care, handling, and history of these sought-after beauties. The fragrance of dozens of garden roses reaching peak perfection…. *heaven*

Day 2 also saw the continuation and completion of our small-group trend ideas. This is when all of the information we had been given really started to sink in. Being better able to focus our vision and come up with creative marketing strategies really made the possibilities electrifying. All of the groups came up with several designs and a mood board to make the trend come to life, and presented to the rest of the groups. It was fascinating to see how diverse the trends and demographics were, but how well they could be tweaked to suit a wide range of customers. We toasted our collective success at the end of the day and everyone left that evening with a long list of new friends and a head bursting with excitement and design ideas. It was truly an outstanding workshop!


Andrea Strachan EMC

Andrea is a 2012 Graduate of the EMC Program and an EMC Team Member. After many years in the culinary arts, Andrea began studying floristry with Hitomi Gilliam and Design358 in 2010. She was a part Tomas De Bruyne's design team for AIFD Symposium in 2013. She currently works a Brown's The Florist in Victoria, BC, Canada.

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