EMC+ Trend Summit 2016 Recap – Day 1

On March 3 and 4 in Vancouver, Tomas, Hitomi, and the EMC leadership team hosted “Embrace the Change”, an EMC+ workshop focusing on trends. After the success of our last EMC+ workshop, “Intimate to Ultimate” in Atlanta, we felt it was important to continue offering educational design experiences.

The summit began with meeting attendees from all over North America – and even 3 wonderful women from Mexico City who are currently enrolled in our EMC Mexico school. Having the opportunity to brainstorm with such a diverse group of designers was truly an amazing experience. Add to that an incredible array of fresh product and hard goods to work with from our sponsors and it was all we could do to tear ourselves away at the end of the day!

We spent a good part of day 1 in our “Marketplace” set up at Kirby Signature Floral, our host. The EMC team took turns presenting the newest and most popular products from our sponsors. It was invaluable to have merchandise at our fingertips, especially the incredible array of tropicals presented by Eric Tanouye from Green Point Nurseries Inc. in Hawaii. As Tomas and Hitomi lectured about the current trends from Europe and North America, we were able to visualize the possibilities in a hands-on way, particularly when we split up in small groups to brainstorm and create our own trends targeting a specific demographic. The small group think-tank was so much fun and really got the creative juices flowing!


Andrea Strachan EMC

Andrea is a 2012 Graduate of the EMC Program and an EMC Team Member. After many years in the culinary arts, Andrea began studying floristry with Hitomi Gilliam and Design358 in 2010. She was a part Tomas De Bruyne's design team for AIFD Symposium in 2013. She currently works a Brown's The Florist in Victoria, BC, Canada.

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