Announcing EMC+ Trend Summit 2016

Announcing EMC+ Trend Summit 2016

We are extremely excited to announce our first EMC+ program for 2016, the ‘EMC+ Trend Summit 2016’ in Vancouver, Canada!

EMC+ TREND SUMMIT 2016 is an EMC initiated 2 Day Forum on embracing CHANGE and SET TRENDS for the floral industry. Our initiative is to create a place and time to meet as a collective group of all progressive individuals – inclusive of growers, manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, designers, educators and retailers – to discuss and to brainstorm ways for our industry to initiate its trend directions.

We are inviting ALL EMC GRADUATES AND STUDENTS, INDUSTRY LEADERS AND FORWARD THINKERS to come to Vancouver, Canada to be challenged by TOMAS DE BRUYNE – a world renowned floral designer and a European Color Trend analyst from Belgium; and HITOMI GILLIAM AIFD – a floral educator and color trend analyst from Canada.

We will engage in 2 days of forward-thinking discussion on the state of industry trends and how to effectively guide it for cohesive trend marketing to the ultimate end-users, the consumers.

EMC+ Trend Summit Marketplace is an opportunity for all attendees to view:
– the newest and latest varieties of flowers and foliages from the participating growers and fresh flower wholesalers
– the latest product lines in hardgoods – containers, supplies and accessories

For more information on EMC+ Trend Summit 2016, Please CLICK HERE

EMC Program

EMC is an internationally-acclaimed program jointly run by partners, Tomas De Bruyne and Hitomi Gilliam AIFD. This comprehensive European curriculum is taught by Tomas, and complemented and facilitated by Hitomi. EMC is a very practical-oriented, accelerated course focusing on all required fundamental skills and creativity required in the European flower business.

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