EMC Trend Summit 2016 Recap – SHOWTIME!

After 2 days of talking trends and learning how to market them to our customers, our brains were buzzing with information and inspiration that we were eager to share with the 150 or so colleagues who packed into Kirby Signature Floral Supply for the show. The atmosphere was electric as the crowd took in the […]


EMC+ Trend Summit 2016 Recap – Day 2

On day 2 we were treated to a session with Eleanor Clevenger from David Austin Roses. She gave us valuable information about the care, handling, and history of these sought-after beauties. The fragrance of dozens of garden roses reaching peak perfection…. *heaven* Day 2 also saw the continuation and completion of our small-group trend ideas. […]


EMC+ Trend Summit 2016 Recap – Day 1

On March 3 and 4 in Vancouver, Tomas, Hitomi, and the EMC leadership team hosted “Embrace the Change”, an EMC+ workshop focusing on trends. After the success of our last EMC+ workshop, “Intimate to Ultimate” in Atlanta, we felt it was important to continue offering educational design experiences. The summit began with meeting attendees from […]